Sunday, 28 February 2010

[ Moonlight ]

The Moon has kept me company since the early days, but it was only about 10 years ago I fell in love with her. Believed to be a goddess by the ancient, ruler of the tides, master of most living creatures reproductive cycles, our closest celestial body, and she lives off the sun to remind us that in the mist of darkness, light persists...

From twilight to dawn, my eye follows her beauty in the skies, looking for comfort and guidance in long nights spent driving, working, partying. After todays storm, I would have never imagined to be able to capture this. I was closing the blinds for the evening, and all of a sudden, I saw the reflexion come in through the window. I jumped outside and saw her, between racing clouds carried by the strong winds we're still having here... Then finally, there she is.

An old legend says that the Moon was once part of a glacier that was let go from a mountain on Earth after falling in love with the Sun... The Sun and Moon were happy dancing around in the skies, happy for having found their mates, until the day that the Moon got homesick from the mountain that had embraced her for so long. "You can't return, my love, your are now a part of the sky", the Sun said, and the Moon replied with tears "I shall try to return... Do not think I love the mountains any more than I love you, but this is something I must do...". "I understand, and I will not let you leave my heart", said the Sun, "every day you try to return to the mountains, I will follow. When you decide that you no longer wish to search for the mountains I will be behind you, waiting with my heart open for you. Whenever you feel you cannot continue, turn around and return to me."

From that day, the Moon has searched for the mountains of her youth, and the Sun followed... The Sun has never stopped following the Moon, and he never will, in a never ending proof of his love.

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  1. I love the photos! Very unique... You have such wonderful legends that you post on here. Ones I have never heard before... I look forward to your blog. One of the rare ones that has a different approach to things :-)

    I have to ask... What about the nights, like tonight, where the Moon is no where in sight? Did the Sun finally catch up with her and steal her away for the evening? Or are the clouds just so thick that her light is hidden from us...? Leaving us to wonder when the clouds will blow over and the light will persist and guide us through the darkness once again...