Saturday, 13 February 2010

[ Happiness ]

Paris, Place Vendôme, January 01st 2007, at 8pm.

The first day of that year was a rainy one. We didn't care... The New Year party got cancelled, and the police had to come to keep the mob from pulling the organizers' head off. We didn't care... The first minutes of this year were spent in traffic in the middle of the Trocadero Square, standing outside our car. We didn't care... Ended up eating a steak at 3am in an Hippopotamus restaurant somewhere. We didn't care... But then again, we don't have a single daylight photo from those vacations... We still don't care.

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  1. It seems to me that the best moments... the best memories... happen when our "perfect" plans we've made don't wind up going through. When you think something should happen one way and it completely flips on you and take you on an entirely different adventure... When you have the image in your mind already of the photograph you want to get, but the lighting is all wrong or the sweet and clean little one has just found the mud pit and is now a filthy mess... Even in friendships and love this is true. Those are the memories, the photographs, and the loves that stand out in my mind. The ones that were never planned...