Thursday, 23 September 2010

[ Golden Heart III ]


Talking about urban art, I noticed the refreshment on the [ Golden Heart II ] I posted a while back.

I think it pretty much speaks for itself, the colors, the refinement, another beautiful example of how something different and original in our usually grey streets is most welcomed.

Just a few moments after, when I was walking back, a huge drum party taking place at the very same spot. Another one of the countless reasons why I love Porto with all my heart...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

[ Twins ]


The name "Twins" speaks for itself in the Porto night life. This place in the Cândido dos Reis street isn't so known as the original one, but already a success story. The decoration, the waiters, the mood, the music, everything was very well thought of and refreshingly different.

For us, a cool place to head just to decompressed from a hard day of preparing for something that finally didn't happen. Nice sushi, nice wine, and being a guest from a close friend made everything even more special.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

[ We never land ]


Urban art as been getting more of my eye.

It's a real pleasure to see so many interesting and quality demonstrations here in Porto. This one was taken last saturday in the Miguel Bombarda street. A fine crafted, vintage looking stencil of angels that seem to be recruiting: "We never land".

Maybe it's a fact, with all the souls they have to keep safe, that angels don't get the time to land... Well, considering the recent news, that's a fact I need to give thanks for.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, big winged guy. I really appreciate it.

Friday, 10 September 2010

[ Sadness II ]


We knew this day would come, but we obviously weren't prepared...

The countless histories, the trips, the places visited, the fun, the friends, the handling, the safety, the pure pleasure, the reasons why it was bought, all of this will never be forgotten.

Much more than just a vehicle, the S-Max was the last banner of a way of life that has been gone for so long that I almost can't remember it, the last banner of the hope that some day everything is going to be alright.

Today is the day when the overwhelming sadness takes over my heart. Today is the day when the S-Max is no more.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

[ No Line on the Horizon ]


A apologize to the U2 for this, but this is really the perfect title for this photo. What appears to be a a normal sunset is simply the Sun playing hide and seek behind the incoming fog. A reminder that lots of times looks can be deceiving.

It's funny how some absolutely ordinary days can be so clearly remembered. This was a saturday and we were heading back from Spain. We arrived in Porto just in time to see this and made a quick stop for this shot before heading to the restaurant to meet a couple of friends, and what a long and amusing night that was.