Thursday, 25 February 2010

[ Guardian angel ]

Hey big guy.

You know I've sent you on a mission, there's someone you need to take care of night and day, and it's my wish that you keep it that way... You need to wrap her in your fluffy white wings when she's sleeping, keep bad dreams away from her, hold her hand when she's crossing the street, keep her warm even if it's snowing, fan her with the tip of your wings when it's hot...

You shouldn't have left her side, you never know when she's going to need you, and I really should be upset with you, but... thank you for taking the time to be on my side today.

Now go back to her before I really get pissed, ok?

1 comment:

  1. "Angels fly at light speed, because they are servants of the light." Eileen Elias Freeman

    I really like quotes. There are quotes out there for every occasion, emotion, feeling... I saw this one and it screamed out "Light Persists!". It fits not only this post, but the previous one, and your blog as well. The Guardian Angel that you speak of might have had to leave whomever you had him watching over for a split second. But, seeing as how he flies at the speed of light, I'm sure the woman he was watching over didn't even have time to roll over in her sleep, make sense of the images in her dreams, set foot off the curb, catch a snowflake on her tongue, or feel the heat touch her skin before even realizing that he was gone.

    Your Guardian Angel probably flies even faster. The quote from your previous quote... The light beam that you and your soul mate have is probably just as beautiful as the pictures you take and the words you write. That light probably had your Guardian Angel gone and back in a fraction of the time as most others.

    Keep it up!! Love everything about what you've got going here!!