Thursday, 4 March 2010

[ Insomnia ]

habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.

I never thought I was insomniac. In fact, I never had a problem sleeping in my live... but maybe that's because I only sleep three or four hours a night. "How do you do it?", "it's impossible, no one can", "you should rest, save your strength" I've heard it all... Many years ago, in a night much like the one I took these photos in (these were taken last August, while having a blast with some friends in Guimarães), a very good friend of mine stated that sleeping was the most unproductive thing a person could do, and it should be cut down to the very minimum... Of course, he also thought he was like a shark, smothering if standing still, a thought that I admit I share...

The fact is that, since my early 20's, sleeping as been considered overrated for me. Nighttime is the perfect time for clear thinking. Most people are sleeping and fighting their own demons in dream land, leaving the Moon lit air free of thoughts, allowing you to expand your horizons, and take yourself where your mind wants to lead you...

This dawn marks the end of one of those nights. Work is done, writing is done, music is heard, the mind stretches unbound and roams across the horizon, flies all over the globe and back again, checking if your loved one is sleeping peacefully wrapped around the wings of an angel, checking if the ones that are closest to your heart, your closest friends, have smooth sailing ahead of them in dream land, checking if all that matters to you is secure and protected, making decisions, figuring where you're going, being the master of your fate, the Captain of your soul...

All is done, everyone is safe, my mind is set, it's been a good day, it's time... to go to sleep.

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