Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[ Tattoo ]

This was a decision I took three years ago when I met Sonia. Nothing made more sense. Finally, after all this time, the day came when love and happiness became a tattoo. Here it is, first hand.

Friday, 18 June 2010

[ Paris, people and places ]

Someone asked me why in the world, of all places, should Paris be my favorite one. Just two simple reasons:

the people...

... and the places...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

[ Art in the sky ]

If you could paint a graffiti anywhere, where would you put it? Well, probably in the sky where everyone could see it...

In Paris, they're not making them in the sky, but they're pretty close...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

[ Liberty ]

Just to clear out any doubt about the "Made in France" tag in the big version in New York... Taken in the Jardin du Luxembourg, about one hundred meters away from our hotel.

[ Tower of dreams ]

I can't even tell how many times I've been to Paris, but being a truly a-tipical tourist, I don't make a point to walk around every monument every time. This one was taken after today's dinner at the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Here it is, right off the camera.

Tower of dreams, signifying the fact that this wonderful city is more than the gorgeous scenery - it's home. Everybody has a place in the world where they know they fit, and this is the one for me... Maybe it's just a dream, but what's life without dreams that we fight every day to become a reality?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

[ Madame Godard ]


While taking a look at FNAC in Norteshopping, Porto, I heard this amazing drum riff jamming from the FNAC Café. It was the perfect excuse to hang around for a while and listen to the 20 minute presentation Madame Godard made of their album Galapagos.

I really can't describe it well enough. Their from Viana do Castelo, they have the most original sound I've heard for a while, and an amazing live performance power. Their version of "Spanish bombs" by The Clash is extraordinary, the originals are ear catching, an overall quality and enthusiasm, and the pleasure of hearing the horn, the violin, the organ, but above all, a world class drummer by the name José Ribeiro.

Juvenal, the lead singer, assured me they'll be in iTunes asap, but in the meanwhile you can find them in FNAC at a nice green price. I was listening to them all the way from Porto to Paris yesterday, and I just can't stop! I'm really looking forward to the work this promising young band has ahead of them.

Better than looking at them is obviously hearing them, so here is "Love is Poker" video straight from their MySpace page, but you can also follow them in Facebook. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

"Love is Poker" Official Video from madame godard on Vimeo.

[ rue de Buci ]

We stopped by Paul in rue de Buci for a refreshment and a cup of coffee before heading off to the hotel. A typical Sunday afternoon in Paris, with all the open places packed with people hanging out with their friends, enjoying the nice weather and the spare time to catch up on the conversations...

It's what I love most in Paris. In the middle of the crazy city, always moving, always busy, there's still time to take a coffee and hang out. And the details we see around us are theme for endless conversations. Just try it: stop in a terrace, ask for a coffee and take a look at the small details in the buildings around you...

... the items for sale in the local shops...

... at the sometimes crazy, sometimes working, but always absolutely authentic people walking around the street...

... but above all, enjoy your company, and enjoy Paris. Once you do it, you'll never forget this wonderful city.

[ Now you see it, now you don't ]

Remember last tuesday's [ Love is the answer ] post? Well, this one was taken just yesterday in rue de Buci... I guess quality work on the street has that inherit risk to it... I'm just glad I took the first one, and love is still the answer!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[ Black Gold ]

Talking about the search for the perfect graffiti, the previous post brought to my mind the photos I took last week in Lisbon. This is really unusual to see in Portugal, taking the opportunity and turning an abandoned building into a work of art.

They made the same intervention in two separate buildings, I'll show you the second one later. I thought that this one deserved a single post - the abuse of the planet by the corporate interests - making even more sense these days with the BP inefficiency to solve the problem it created. Just another reason for the world to finally break away from the Black Gold tyranny.

[ Love is the answer ]

On the corner of rue de Buci and rue de Seine in Paris taken last May 6th, posted especially for Sofia that kept asking for the latest Paris photos.

Looking for the perfect graffiti, Einstein seems to have found the solution: 'Love is the answer'.

Friday, 4 June 2010

[ Edit Hours ]

Here are some photos from last wednesday's Edit Hours, courtesy of Edit Mag, a cool new magazine with a very unique editorial placement.

It took place at the very heart of Lisbon, in the Café Bairro Alto. Francisco and Claudia from Edit were the graceful hosts - thanks a lot for having us there, and for the great fun we had. The place was packed, the DJ was inspired, and apparently, only cute people allowed.

My name isn't 'Mr. Jones', but I do admit I was 'staring at this yellow head girl'... and she was staring back... Love you Sonia.