Thursday, 29 July 2010

[ I miss you ]

I'm not a huge fan of stenciled graffiti's, but some of them work out pretty well. This one was taken in Paris last June and it illustrates perfectly how I feel about this gorgeous city: I miss you...

Friday, 23 July 2010

[ Sunlight III ]

This afternoon really had a shaky start... Just yesterday we were reviving these memories with a couple of friends over dinner. A really funny story, especially for us that were just spectators of the events.

It also brought up this photo, another example of my passion about sunsets, taken last April 10th in the Bar do Guincho, close to Cascais.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

[ Moonlight II ]


It's not the first time I've written a bit about the Moon and it's legends.

So elusive during the day, last sunday was the first time a had the opportunity to take a photo of a day time Moon. I guess she's putting in some extra hours to keep an eye on me.

Thank's Moon, I appreciate it.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

[ Red ]

Porto never ceases to charm me with it's authentic details... These ones are harder and harder to find, especially since the Metro construction work began. Garden benches like this one, in the Av. Brasil, keep being replaced all over the city by continuous slabs of polished granite, easier to maintain, for sure, but completely void of personality.

The history behind these benches is huge. Countless people, countless kisses, countless jokes, countless encounters of Porto and foreign people took place here, enjoying the ocean view, in the middle of a park or in a garden somewhere.

[ Stairway ]

This is a shot I've been searching for a long time. Finally found it, and the lighting conditions were the worst possible. It's an old building in the heart of Lisbon, re-habilitated into an office complex.

Hanging from the edge of the rail, struggling with balance, a high ISO and speed, I really wasn't sure of what was going to get out of this photo...

I admit I was surprised I got a couple of usable shots. This is the black & white version of it, with the noise giving it a nice vintage look. The color version I'm saving for myself, a huge candidate to become an actual print hanging in a special place at home.

My search for the perfect stairway will, however, continue.

Monday, 12 July 2010

[ Sunlight II ]

Although I'm a Winter kind of guy - I love it when it's cold outside, when the rain is banging on the windows, and we're cuddling on the couch reading a book, watching a television show or just chilling - these sun filled days really get my spirit up!

The Douro river offers this kind of scenario in these Summer days: the bright Sun shining over the Arrábida bridge, the river peacefully flowing right in front of us. This was taken last June 20th in the Alfândega building during the Oporto Show, a design event that gathers the best portuguese designers and agents.

Today is the same kind of day: bright sun, blue sky, fresh breeze, a prefect combination to make this monday a bit easier... Who am I kidding? It would only be easier if I was out there enjoying the Sunlight in my face, and even then, it would still be monday.