Saturday, 27 February 2010

[ Where is my love? ]

Maria Bethânia is a 63 year old brazilian singer, youngest sister of the mythical composer Caetano Veloso, and one of the most charismatic singers I've ever had the chance see perform... Her figure, her barefoot catlike pose, the heart that she puts in to her songs and poems sweep you away during any of her shows.

These ones were taken in a magical night in Lisbon, on March 5th 2009, and once again, straight off the camera...

Can't help to share the translated lyrics of one of my favorite songs from this magnificent artist. Only one who knows what true, deep and passionate love is, can write and sing something like this...

  Since this night will end
And the sun will shine again
I am thinking about you...
Where is my love?
Is he awake like I am?
Is he calling out like I am?
Is he asking about me?
Where is my love?

If the night voice answers
Where am I, where are you
We are here inside us
Where is my love?

If the night voice silences
A sun ray will take me
A sun ray will bring him
Where is my love?

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