Tuesday, 9 March 2010

[ Golden Heart II ]

Yesterday I was reading a post from a friends blog concerning graffitis where he mentions the "beautifully crafted grafitti (...) which used to populate the streets of Barcelona a few years ago (before the city hall apparently decided to wage war on them, pasteurizing the cityscape for tourists from tv-land)"... That is a war that luckily hasn't begun yet here in Porto, even though it is very hard to find gorgeous graffitis like the ones I found in Barcelona or Madrid back in the day...

This one I stumbled upon last Saturday while strolling on the busy and cosmopolite Miguel Bombarda street here in Porto. Could it be more perfect? Trusting the date, it's been untouched since April 2009. But then again, you really have to respect something as beautiful as this!... Relating to a previous post where I explained my profile picture, I can't help to grin when I see such a gorgeous illustration of how, even when immersed in darkness, a Golden Heart is always able to retain it's beauty, valor and power.

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  1. Wow... That definitely takes graffiti to another level. Especially compared to what we see here! Sure, there is talent behind some of the graffiti that decorates our trains, but nothing like this...