Tuesday, 23 March 2010

[ Anatomy of a Sunset ]

My fascination for sunsets and sunrises is not new, not even on my blog... I mean, the last post I did is over one week old, and it was a sunset! Right after I did that post, Monday 15th, I got out and went to meet a friend for a coup of coffee, parked my car and saw this:

I'm starting to grow a bit of a relationship with the seagulls... Their sense of timing is just perfect, and they always seem to drop in when I need them to, turning just another sunset into a special one... But this sunset was far from over. I lingered there for a while, enjoying the noises of the ocean clashing against the shore, the seagulls greeting me with their chant, and those minutes spent there breathing in the calm and quietness allowed me to witness this sunset turning into something unique...

This was the precise moment when the Sun caught the clouds on fire, just when it touched the ocean on the horizon... This photo made my day. And when I thought this sunset couldn't get any better, the sun disappeared into the ocean, and turned this sunset into something completely different...

... the contrast between the bright sun and dark ocean dimmed, the breeze soothed, and everything stood still for a while... everything except my seagull friends that kept giving me a hand with this set... 55 photos taken from 6h32pm to 6h49pm... 17 minutes of shooting that led to a week preparing the Anatomy of a Sunset, and the first Light Persists desktop background...

Chose your screen resolution and download your copy from the following links. I made them in 1,6 proportion (for most Mac users), and 1,33 proportion (for most PC users), but if you need a custom resolution, please contact me at lightpersists@gmail.com, and I will be more than happy to provide you with a cool non distorted version of this background. This mail address was created for you, and it's available on the top of the right side menu. Use it wisely, write at your own risk, and remember, I will reply...

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