Monday, 15 March 2010

[ Staring at the sun ]

Taking this photo last friday before heading off to shoot the fashion event at 66 Avenida Brasil, I could almost hear my mother saying "don't stare at the sun! it's bad for your eyes!!"...

Sorry mom, I rather go blind.

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  1. This is breathtaking... I've always been a beach lover. Never felt more at home than I do while sitting on the shore, listening to the waves... Or floating on top of them on a boat out on the sea. That's the definition of peace to me. Yet there's so many tests to conquer out there! Sweet irony :-)

    Do you ever try to block out all the sounds to see if you can hear the sparks being made as the sun dips into the ocean? I spend so many evenings as a kid so convinced that I could hear it! That's what this picture makes me think of...

    I love it.