Tuesday, 22 December 2009

[ Golden Heart ]

Some people have asked me about my profile picture... It was taken last July during an exhibition in Porto called "T-Man" that took place in the Av. dos Aliados, next to the City Hall. Artists from different places got together and decorated dozens of real sized dolls. It's a bit of a Cow-Parade look-a-like, but the final effect was really pretty cool.

About the choice as a profile picture, anyone who knows me also knows it's just perfect. For those who don't, let me just say that sometimes you give your heart away to cause, a job, or a mission, just to find out in the end that the chess player doesn't mind sacrificing a pawn for a tower... And that is the Golden Heart: faceless, precious, but still blood red, and above all, alive.

"Steady seas don't make a skillful saylor", African proverb

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