Sunday, 6 February 2011

[ I Love ]


As life goes on, I've been noticing some really huge differences in what I love or not. Taste and experience take their toll, and all of a sudden your standards are so high that you find yourself hard to please.

This is a phenomenon widely adressed by people like Scott Schuman, or Garance Doré, that I didn't seem to believe in at first, but now, working more and more with fashion and design, I find myself being hugely critic regarding lot's of aspects of my work and the people that surround me.

A cruse or a gift? That's something I'll have to figure out as I go along...

Speaking about things I love, this is a photo taken in Paris last January in the Who's Next trade show. It's the logo of a brand called I love - Leon, turned in a magnificent way into a neon light.

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