Wednesday, 10 November 2010

[ Three chairs ]


"Please leave your message after the bip"

Yeap, that's it, this a pre-recording. By the time you read this, three chairs will be taken, and important decisions will be made. I suppose they wont be comfortable or classy like these ones (taken in the last OPorto Show), but hey, that's life.

It's a strangely calm felling this one... "today is that scary tomorrow that we were afraid of yesterday", someone once said, and I guess, that's the bottom line: life goes on. Like I said last friday, green light, white light, red light, I don't even care, I just care about the future - and that can be proven in so many different ways, for example, I distinctly remember a photo my parents took of me looking back over my shoulder with a funny face, when I wasn't even one year old. On the back of that photo it reads "so young, and you can already see he doesn't like looking back".

Bring it on.

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