Friday, 5 November 2010

[ Green light ]


Over a month since I've published something here. I confess it's been one of the craziest months ever, with a big decision postponed to November 10th, lots of small battles along the way, lots of unanswered questions, and lots of answered ones too...

Maybe everything will change in five days. Maybe everything will be the same. Maybe there's a green light ahead, maybe there's a red one, or a white one. Maybe, if you look carefully enough, what you think is just a misguided traffic light, can be something a lot more challenging and interesting.

Life really has it's twists and turns, but as someone once told me: "everything happens for a reason". Sometimes the reason takes a long time to show it's face, but it always happens, sooner or later... After a one year long question mark, I can't say I'm not eager to turn it into a period, but I can say that no matter what the outcome is, the day will still dawn afterwards, bread will be baked, newspapers will be printed, and life will go on.

Whether it's green, red or white, at least there will be light, and where there's light, no darkness can prevail.

Welcome back to Light Persists.

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