Tuesday, 9 November 2010

[ Batman ]


Back to the urban art, to take a look at some other pieces found in the Miguel Bombarda area.

This one, the funniest interpretation ever of a aging Batman with a "walker cane". Maybe that's it, maybe maybe our heroes are getting old, and no one cares, and no one steps up to take their place.

Maybe this general lack of believe is what caused the golden stencil in the bottom that bravely states "fuck it" - a state of mind that I deeply share in this last few days. A state of mind that is simply natural in me, considering that I've always believed that it's much better to make a bad decision than not to decide at all. If that is one of the features of a leader or of a martyr, I guess I'll only know it in the after life, but I do know that's who I am, so... "fuck it", and bring it on.

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