Sunday, 24 January 2010

[ Walking to the sunset ]

How to define one day?

Can we define it by the moment it started, with the blue sky spotted with scattered white cotton like clouds?... Or should we wait for the sunset, where the sun hides behind what remains of a storm cloud?... Our sunset is someone else's sunrise, so what is the limit?

Today was defined by many thoughts, by a slow start, by a road trip, by accomplishments, by lot's of thinking, by some great tunes on the stereo, by what I made of it... It was defined by the way I looked into the sun going west, and thinking about the light it would bring to the other side of the globe, and thinking about what might happen if I just walked to it...

Walking to the sunset is a hard decision to make, the hardest one ever... But hard decisions is what life is about... And it all becomes easier if it comes from you heart, if you let your courage guide you, and if you know that someone is behind you.

I can define this day: hard decisions, happy thoughts, and light persisting at the end of the tunnel...

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  1. Beautiful sunset and beautiful words!! :-)