Thursday, 20 January 2011

[ Police ]


Straight from Paris, here's a scene from todays walk. It's a stick-on graffiti that's growing more and more popular here, taken in the Bastille monument.

Small detail, I've finally fully converted to raw imagery, which is a bit more time consuming in the post-processing of the photos, but gives a whole new range of possibilities in intensity, color balance and contrast. This is one of my first try outs.

It's amazing how much I've missed this gorgeous city, and how much pleasure it gives me just to walk around and capture all the small details. There are no words to describe the mood difference between Paris and Porto. Some of the Christmas lightings are still up, and you can feel the joy and positive attitude everywhere you go - a refreshing change from the ever growing crisis and weird political climate from Portugal...

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  1. I love graffiti when it is done properly - like the art work in your photo as opposed to random scribble. But who's to say that can't be art either. Graffiti is definitely and under appreciated form of art. Your images make me miss the city, you capture it well. I enjoy reading your blog.