Sunday, 13 June 2010

[ Madame Godard ]


While taking a look at FNAC in Norteshopping, Porto, I heard this amazing drum riff jamming from the FNAC Café. It was the perfect excuse to hang around for a while and listen to the 20 minute presentation Madame Godard made of their album Galapagos.

I really can't describe it well enough. Their from Viana do Castelo, they have the most original sound I've heard for a while, and an amazing live performance power. Their version of "Spanish bombs" by The Clash is extraordinary, the originals are ear catching, an overall quality and enthusiasm, and the pleasure of hearing the horn, the violin, the organ, but above all, a world class drummer by the name José Ribeiro.

Juvenal, the lead singer, assured me they'll be in iTunes asap, but in the meanwhile you can find them in FNAC at a nice green price. I was listening to them all the way from Porto to Paris yesterday, and I just can't stop! I'm really looking forward to the work this promising young band has ahead of them.

Better than looking at them is obviously hearing them, so here is "Love is Poker" video straight from their MySpace page, but you can also follow them in Facebook. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

"Love is Poker" Official Video from madame godard on Vimeo.

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