Tuesday, 27 April 2010

[ Mask ]

Here's a question that's older than time: why do people wear masks? Why does 'yes' mean 'no', why does 'I'll try' mean 'I don't care'?

I really don't what the future holds, but the present is showing me so many weird things about human nature, I can't even begin to express... I keep picking up and saving the rocks that are bouncing off my head, but it's getting harder and harder... But one thing is for sure: the day when I'll be the one handing out the punches is so close, so very close that I can feel it. And what a day that will be...

Another beautiful graffiti in Porto.


  1. Maybe sometimes, just sometimes, "I'll try", really means I'll try.

  2. I guess there are always exceptions that confirm the rule...